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How Online Ecommerce Multi Vendor Shopping Cart With Mobile App

Fantacy is a Fancy clone script for the online business which enables the users to experience the social-oriented shopping with social media sharing, mention, and tag options. The users can sell/buy the products from the multiple vendors or from a single vendor or a unique brand by following particular seller or brand updates. The entrepreneurs with the idea of starting their business with eCommerce can confidently do with Fantacy as it has attractive UI with much more user-friendly features.
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5 Must Have Features For an ECommerce Marketplace

Ready to start searching for an e-commerce clone script for your online Marketplace? You need a technical specification. Along these, make a list of your needs for your site development.
Despite the fact that every marketplace is special, there are standard features. How about we review them to enable you to start your list.
Seller Dashboard
Every merchant needs a different vendor account where they will include their products, make special offers, include shipping strategies, manage shipping cost, get sales reports, ask for payouts, get notices on the low stock, new requests or new customer messages, and so forth. Keep in mind that, they're not geeks, so the interface ought to be extremely easy to understand.
Inventory management ought to be simple for your vendors. In light of the product types, you will list on your market, think what functionality you'll require in your eCommerce platform.
For instance, in the event that you offer clothes, you require the capacity to…

Fantacy- Multi-vendor Marketplace Platform to Buy/Sell Products

The internet users all around the world is greatly depending upon the services available through online for their every needs. This need brings great business opportunity with the setup of multi-vendor marketplace platform to buy/sell products. Person owning a retail store for business in the quest to expand the business or attract more buyers to his store then they can make use of this platform as marketplace to sell their products. In online marketplace the users can set up their own store with own way of showcasing their products they have.
The users who having the interest to buy the products for their needs through online will get benefited from these marketplace platforms where they can able to see the products which they are in need from the collections shown by multiple vendors and buy from the seller who they feel right by comparing the price, quality, and discount offered by each seller.
Fancy App from Appkodes
Fantacy app(web, iOS, Android)  provided by appkodes is a multi-ven…

Why is Mobile Friendly E-commerce Script Mandatory?

The way we collaborate with e-commerce stores using E-commerce Scripthas changed hugely over the most recent years. The introduction of smartphones and tablets has made it simple for customers to peruse on the web and make buys from anyplace, whenever. Since the modern edge customer has had an essence of quick, smooth, and simple to use mobile-friendly stores, they're winding up less and less inclined to engage a non-responsive site.
Every E-commerce script needs to be mobile-friendly.
Bad redirects, tiny text, slow speeds and difficult to use buttons are only a modest bunch of issues that could make your customers leave your store and buy from a competitor. A mobile-friendly well-disposed site will likewise influence your store to look modern and professional. Still not persuaded? What about these three noteworthy focuses:
Less visibility in organic mobile search results
If you've stayed up with the latest SEO algorithm updates from Google, it's reasonable that you've o…

Launch a Marketplace for B2B and B2C Business With Fantacy Script

Fantacy - Fancy Clone PHP Ecommerce Script which allows the user to transform a store as a multi-seller/vendor marketplace with the model of single storefront. Fancy Clone PHP Ecommerce Script is designed with multi-operational shopping cart solution can able to develop a sophisticated online marketplace which is fully fledged where sellers can handle their sales through a highly common interface.

The Featured product listing is yet another way for admin to earn revenue through sellers apart from commissions and membership fee.

B2B and B2C Marketplace Portal

As per today’s internet technologies the ecommerce is growing day to day. It is doing a major role in the online business.

Business to Business - B2B

If you are new in B2B, you must know that b2b portal is a place which makes a businessman to improve his business skills and present his business things in front of global traders. By doing this way he must be able to get business from not only the local but also all over the world. It is…

What Are The Strategies To Be Followed For A Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Store ?

Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur trying to attempt the course of achievement in the online world? There's uplifting news for you. You can transform your online store into a flourishing commercial center by including  Multi-vendor functionality!
Appkodes, the leading web and mobile e-commerce business platform, offers multi-vendor functionality to empower niche online commercial centers. Through this multi-vendor highlight, the online retailer who makes his e-store from Appkodes can likewise tie-up with different merchants who wish to sell products and services on his storefront. Such an organization conveys momentous opportunities and benefits all the sellers since the shoppers like to buy different products and services from only a solitary web store.
Basically, a multi-vendor feature empowers the essential retailer to make an online commercial center where different merchants can offer and deal with their own particular items through one basic web store.
Here are the star compo…

Easy to Start Marketplace Multi Vendor Software Script

Fantacy is multi vendor and best ecommerce mobile platform which creates a marketplace where users can sign up to become a seller by filling up a seller form and it makes the user to feel comfortable with ecommerce script. Regardless of whether you’re offering your products in a physical store or you’re offering them through an e-commerce store, label and packaging design plays a huge part in building brand awareness & identity and thus influences your sales and the amount of those customers keep returning.

Appkodes is introducing an exciting e-commerce product called Fantacy which is a fancy clone script. The fancy clone script allows building a site that provides flexible shopping. The trendy script allows the user to follow someone. Consumers may flatly browse through the product pictures, A Fancy clone is a multi-vendor clone script in the marketplace with buy and sell based shopping environment and is a place to explore trendy things to collect all of the cool things you want.